In the construction industry, we are one of the most trustworthy registered Company in Hong Kong. We offer the best quality of workers within the construction industry. We understand the core requirements of the industry; for example, each construction site needs to have special skilled and experienced workers to complete the job done safely and timely. Thus we have a very standardised screening process to select high quality reliable, skilled worker and to provide selective manpower with those are having strong construction experience, certified green card or blue card from CIC, clean work history etc. with special care of Client’s requirement to meet Client’s business goal.

We are maintaining the highest level of trustworthy relation, integrity, and professionalism with Clients. We are one-stop solution for manpower in the construction industry of Hong Kong and having all types of experienced, skilled or unskilled labours for all types of works belongs to Site Formation, Civil Construction, Underground Facilities, Shaft, Tunnels, Caverns, Slopes, High Terrains, Bridges, Viaducts, Maritime, Reclamations, Electrical and Mechanical works etc.


To maintain our business relationship with our clients, we provide the best business solutions like


  • Cost-Saving Solution:Deal with a reliable company (TGI Ltd.) only that can provide reliable certified skilled worker having a clean history in affordable rates with flexible Contract for individual or teams. No matter either short term / long term or man-day /man-month basis.
  • Time-Saving Solution:Deal with one company (TGI Ltd.) only that can provide reliable, skilled manpower in a very short period instead of dealing with several job seekers and spend time plus money to establish HR department in parallel with long recruitment process on advertising, screening resumes, verification, conducting the interview and form remuneration policies.
  • Health & Safety commitment:Deal with one company (TGI Ltd.) that are having committed workforce to zero harm workplace.


Our ability to provide following tradesman workers in the construction industries:

S. No. Tradesmen
1 Asphalter
2 Banksman
3 Bar Bender
4 Bar Fixer
5 Bobcat Operator
6 Bricklayer
7 Carpenter
8 Cleaner
9 Concrete Breaker
10 Concretor
11 Construction Plant Mechanic
12 Drainlayer
13 Driver (Light/Heavy)
14 Duct-Men
15 Dump Truck Operator
16 Electrical Fitter
17 Electrician
18 Electrician
19 Erector
20 Excavator Operator
21 Fabricator
22 Foreman
23 Forklift Operator
24 Ganger
25 General Helper
26 Grouter
27 Insulator
28 Labour
29 Marble Worker
30 Mason
S. No. Tradesmen
31 Mechanical Fitter
32 Mechanical Helper
33 Metal Formwork Erector
34 Metal Scaffolder (Sign Form 5)
35 Painter
36 Pipe Fitter
37 Plant and Equipment Operator
38 Plasterer
39 Plumber
40 Rigger
41 Rock-Breaking Driller
42 Scaffolder
43 Scaffolder-Bamboo
44 Scaffolder-Metal
45 Segment Crane Operator
46 Senior Foreman
47 Shutter Assembly Worker
48 Signalman
49 Skidder
50 Skilled Worker
51 Steel Fixer
52 Structural Steel Erector
53 Supervisor
54 Tally-Handler Operator
55 TBM Pilot
56 Truck Driver
57 Welder General
58 Welder Metal
59 Welder MIG