We provide all types of geological modelling and geological mapping services to the project-specific either investigation stage or construction stage of high terrains, slopes, foundation underground structures, tunnels, caverns projects. Our qualified, experienced team provide full technical support to provide complete details of geological features on geological modelling and suggest best engineering solutions to the project need.

S. No. Types of Mapping
1 Borehole Logging
2 Trial Pit Mapping
3 Foundation Mapping
4 Terrain Mapping
S. No. Types of Mapping
5 Slope Mapping
6 Tunnel Mapping 2D or 3D
7 Cavern Mapping
8 Ground Water Modelling

In addition, Tech Group International Limited (TGI Ltd.) is deal with geotechnical instrumentation services that included supply, installation, monitoring and reporting. We have a strong technical team to provide technical suggestion to the selection of the instruments types with more specific to the project requirement. We also provide the instrumentation monitoring services, interpretative reports and provide a technical solution with a detailed action plan or contingency plan to suit project requirements. Some of our instrument product details are as follow :

S. No. Types of Instruments
1 Piezometers
2 Strain Gauges
3 Temperature Meter
4 Water Level Sounder
5 Stand Pipe
6 Automatic Water Level
7 Pressure Cell
8 Linear Dis. & Crack Gauges
9 Tiltmeter/Beam Sensor
10 Tiltmeter
S. No. Types of Instruments
11 Portable Tilt Meter
12 Magnetic Extensometer System
13 Borehole Extensometer
14 In place Vertical Inclinometer System
15 Inclinometer System
16 Read Out Units
17 Accessories & Spares
18 Reflective Targets or Prism
19 Survey Instruments
20 Data Acquisition System